Slaymaker. is an original fine art corporation specializing in selling original works of fine art wholesale to the trade. Slaymaker offers fine works of art on paper and canvas of Library of Congress standards to fine art galleries, art dealers and corporate art consultants.

The name "Slaymaker" is the English translation for the name Schleiermächer, which originates from the province of Alsace which in later years became part of the empire of Germany.

Early Christian art from 313 A.D. to the late 5th century was depicted on veils and draperies in blocky, frontal and unproportionate style.  The Schleiermächer family has been an influential manufacturer in the fine art, veil, drapery, and canvas industry in one form or another since the 4th century.

The current company, Slaymaker, was established in 1956 by the late Martha Slaymaker and run by Woody Slaymaker since 1979.

The name Schleiermächer's direct translation means art veil, drapery and canvas maker for homes and not for ships at sea.  The logo used today by Slaymaker remains the family coat of arms.

Slaymaker logo Description of coat of arms:
Ein Steinhammer ohne steil; A stone hammer without a handle.
Ein Offner Flug; The wing of a bird ascending in vapor or smoke.

The stone hammer without the handle can be seen in the center of the cut, the open wing or ascending vapor or smoke can be seen at the top of the cut, also across center of the cut can be seen the drapery or veil, the insignia of Slaymaker.

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